Best flooring for home gym over concrete 2023

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Want to know what the best flooring for your home gym is in 2023? You’re in luck: we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide with all the info you need. From installation tips to choosing between materials, you’ll be ready to make the best decision for your unique needs.

Best flooring for home gym over concrete 2023

  1. Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Holymus Tiles for Gyms (Best Overall)
  3. SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats (Budget Friendly)
  4. BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles
  5. We Sell Tiles For Gym 
  6. innhom Tiles Gym Flooring
  7. BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles

1)Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms can handle the toughest workouts. They are robust and interlocking, making them easy to install and seamless for your gym floor. These 0.5-inch tiles protect your equipment and the floor, letting you practice with confidence.

Extended Exercise Comfort

Comfort is key to a good workout. The Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms’ foam interior cushions them. Supportive flooring reduces tiredness and injury during long workouts.

Aesthetically Appealing Professional Gym Design

Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms are useful, practical, and attractive. These stylish Grey/Black tiles elevate any exercise room. Create a professional and attractive atmosphere to motivate and retain customers.

Xspec Advantage: Practicality and Affordability

Gym flooring cost is another important aspect. Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms are affordable and durable. Premium flooring is affordable.

Key Features and Specifications of Xspec Gym Floor Tiles

EVA and rubber.
Color: Grey/Black
2.5 lb

Quantifying Gym Flooring Needs

Xspec Floor Tiles must be calculated to cover your gym floor properly. For a precise fit, calculate your gym’s overall area.

Easy Maintenance for Durability

Keeping your gym clean and hygienic is easy with Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms. Handwashing these tiles can keep them clean for years. The tiles’ 25.2 x 25 x 8-inch container and 15.51-kilogram weight make them easy to transport to your gym.

Xspec Gym Tiles Create the Perfect Workout Environment

Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms are ideal for household or commercial gyms. Create a secure, functional, and attractive gym that meets your needs. Buy Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms today to elevate your gym!

In conclusion

Xspec Gym Floor Tiles are durable, comfortable, and attractive. These interlocking tiles are perfect for any training room due to their flawless texture. Xspec will meet your gym flooring needs at an affordable price. Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms enhance your training.

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Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms are made of durable materials, ensuring that they last for a long time.
  2. The product is lightweight and easy to transport, thanks to its package dimensions and weight.
  3. The tiles have a thickness of 0.5 inches, providing maximum protection for both the equipment and the floor.
  4. The tiles can be easily cleaned with a hand wash, making maintenance hassle-free.
  5. With a size of 48 sq ft, the Xspec Floor Tiles for Gyms cover a large area, making it easy to set up the gym.



Brand Name Xspec
Manufacturer Xspec
Part Number CRS804931
Size 48 sq ft

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2)Holymus Tiles for Gyms

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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Holymus Tiles are ideal for exercise due of their density. These premium foam and rubber tiles provide comfort and stability during athletic activity. The rubber base provides stability and durability, while the foam layer provides comfort.

Best Gym Flooring

Holymus Tiles rule gym flooring. These tiles are unparalleled in comfort and durability.

Easy Setup

Holymus Tiles function well and install easily. These tiles are great for gym owners looking to improve their flooring quickly. Their easy installation lets gym owners update their facility quickly and easily.

Holymus Gym Tiles: Outstanding Features

Strong Build

Holymus Gym Tiles use high-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Rubber. The tiles’ high-quality composition makes them long-lasting and robust.

Size and Thickness

Consider Holymus Tiles for Gyms’ measurements before buying. Gym flooring should use 24 × 24 x 7-inch square tiles. These tiles’ 0.56-inch thickness provides optimal impact protection for a safe workout.

Non-Slip Confidence-Boosting

Holymus Tiles for Gyms are non-slip. This unique design reduces the chance of slipping and falling, giving gym-goers confidence. Even during high-intensity workouts, the tiles’ traction ensures safety.

Easy Upkeep

Holymus Gym Tiles are designed for ease. Cleaning using a moist towel saves time and energy.

Trusted Holymus

Holymus, a well-known fitness equipment manufacturer, makes Gym Tiles. Holymus assures these tiles satisfy the highest quality, performance, and customer satisfaction criteria with their experience and dedication.

Contents and Usability

12 Holymus Tiles for Gyms per box cover a big gym floor. These tiles weigh 32.9 pounds, making installation straightforward. 1/2″ Thick Gym Mats 12 Pcs, Black&White indicates that these tiles are gym-specific, ensuring optimal functionality.

Gym Flooring: Holymus Tiles

Holymus Tiles are the best gym flooring for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. These tiles are unmatched in comfort, durability, and installation. Holymus Tiles are high-quality gym flooring.

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Holymus Tiles for Gyms First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Holymus Tiles for Gyms have a thickness of 0.56 inches, providing maximum protection against impacts.
  2. The non-slip special feature of these tiles ensures that gym-goers can exercise with confidence.
  3. The tiles are easy to maintain and can be wiped with a damp cloth, making cleaning and maintenance effortless.
  4. The package includes 12 tiles, providing a total coverage area of 48 sq ft.
  5. With dimensions of 24 x 24 x 7 inches, the Holymus Tiles for Gyms are easy to handle and install.



Color Black & White
Material Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber
Brand Holymus
Special Feature Non-slip
Shape Square

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3)SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats are made of high-quality rubber for durability. These mats withstand heavy use and workout. They also protect your gym floor from weights and equipment. These mats are durable.

Comfortable Design

SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats combine comfort and convenience. Their ideal thickness provides body cushioning and convenient storage and portability. No more huge, hard-to-roll mats. These mats balance comfort and support.

High-Intensity Stability

These mats work for aerobic or high-intensity interval training. The non-slip rubber grip lets you train with confidence and precision. Experience unprecedented stability to push yourself and attain your fitness goals.

Maintainable and Flexible

SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats have endless uses. These mats are versatile and useful in any home gym or fitness center. You may rapidly link them as single tiles or cover a larger region to match your needs.

These mats are low-maintenance. They may be cleaned and sanitized with a moist towel before your next workout.

These mats are low-maintenance. A moist towel will clean and sanitize them for your next workout. These mats simplify fitness.

Be Healthy and Fit

SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats reign supreme. Their quality, reliability, and performance make them the finest choice for fitness aficionados who won’t settle for less. These 96 x 72 x 0.56-inch Black/White mats blend elegance and functionality.

Avoid cheap exercise gear. SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats boost fitness. Improve your workouts with unmatched comfort, stability, and protection. These superior mats will improve your health and fitness now.

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SUPERJARE Thick Exercise Mats First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Superjare Thick Exercise Mats are cushioned, providing a comfortable workout surface.
  2. The mats are designed to be floor protectors, ensuring that the gym floor remains in excellent condition.
  3. The Ultra Grip Rubber Surface of the mats ensures that gym-goers can exercise with confidence.
  4. The mats are versatile and can be used in all places, making them suitable for both home gyms and fitness centers.
  5. With a size of 12 tiles, the Superjare Thick Exercise Mats cover a large area, making it easy to set up the gym.



Package Weight 13.43 Kilograms
Item Weight 2.5 Pounds
Size 12 Tiles

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4)BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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Joint protection and support are essential for intensive workouts. BalanceHigh-density EVA foam Interlocking Tiles cushion and support your joints during even the toughest workouts. Comfortable workouts let you push your limits.

Customizable Assembly

Creating a customized training space has never been easier. BalanceFrom Tiles’ clever modular design makes building and disassembly easy, letting you tailor your workout area. These tiles allow you to customize a yoga, Pilates, or aerobics space to meet your fitness goals.

Unmatched Durability

Fitness enthusiasts need good gear. You don’t want fragile flooring that breaks down. BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles last. These tiles can resist repeated workouts and stay in perfect shape. These tiles are built to last.

All Exercises

A well-rounded fitness plan requires variety in exercise. BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles are great for various exercises. These non-toxic foam tiles are safe for yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and more. Diversify your workouts without worrying about safety or flooring.

Practically Beautiful

BalanceInterlocking Tiles give your workout room flair and practicality. Black tiles match any home gym design. Create a beautiful space that motivates you to exercise and reach your fitness objectives.

Excellent Specifications

BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles provide superior qualities for training floors. These tiles protect gym floors. They are also versatile, making them a great investment for home gyms and fitness establishments.

Easy Assembly and Portability

Set up your training space easily. BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles are easy to assemble, so you can start exercising right away. Interlocking tiles make assembly and disassembly easier. Their portability lets you exercise anywhere. Easy fitness transformation.

Slip-Free Protection

Exercise floors should prioritize safety. BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles outstanding. These 0.5-decimeter tiles absorb impact well, reducing the risk of falls and heavy impacts. The anti-slip feature lets you exercise without worrying about falling. Focus on your exercise objectives knowing your flooring is working hard to keep you safe.

Easy Upkeep

Cleaning your exercise area should be easy. BalanceInterlocking Tiles simplify this. Water and soap clean these tiles easily. Forget complicated cleaning routines and expensive cleaning chemicals. These tiles make it easy to maintain a clean workout space.

BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles are the best fitness flooring option for the money. They stand out for their unmatched protection, easy installation, durability, versatility, and safety. With these tiles, your home gym or fitness center will be stylish and functional. Choose BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles for an unmatched exercise.

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BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles First Hand Review Video

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  1. The BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles are protective workout flooring, ensuring that the gym floor remains in excellent condition.
  2. The tiles are versatile and can be used in all types of sports, making them suitable for all types of exercises.
  3. With a size of 24 square feet, the BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles cover a large area, making it easy to set up the gym.
  4. The tiles are made of high-quality foam, providing gym-goers with a comfortable and cushioned surface to work out on.
  5. The anti-slip special feature of the tiles ensures that gym-goers can exercise with confidence.



Color Black
Material Foam
Brand BalanceFrom
Special Feature Anti-Slip, Durable
Product Care Instructions Water,Soap

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5)We Sell Tiles For Gym 

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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Gym tiles are intended for convenience. Interlocking makes installation easy. Our versatile tiles work for yoga and weightlifting areas. Their adaptability and anti-fatigue characteristics allow you to workout for long durations without joint pain.

Flexible, Reliable, and

We Sell Tiles For Gym offers a varied and practical alternative for creating a functioning home or gym exercise room. Our tiles are durable and trustworthy. Their elegant Black tone enhances your space’s aesthetic appeal.

Outstanding Gym Tile Features

Our gym flooring tiles are unmatched. Our tiles’ advantages:

Superior Durability

Our high-quality foam tiles can endure weights and severe foot activity. They are built to withstand rigorous workouts for long-term performance and reliability.

All-Sport Flexibility

Gym tiles are multipurpose. They’re great for home gyms and workout centers because they’re versatile. Our tiles great for aerobic, strength, and functional workouts.

Easy Setup and Cleanup

Installing and removing our gym tiles is easy. Their simple design makes installation and cleanup easy. Our tiles merely need a hand wash to stay clean.

Anti-Fatigue Cushion

Our 3/8-inch gym tiles give excellent anti-fatigue cushion support. This function lets you workout longer without joint pain. Our comfy and supportive flooring will keep you motivated during workouts.

Safe Playroom Flooring

Our tiles are perfect for workouts and safe, pleasant playroom flooring for youngsters. Children can play and explore safely on these puzzle mats.


We Sell Tiles For Gym is the best gym flooring. Our sturdy, adaptable, and easy-to-maintain tiles are ideal for building a useful and attractive home or gym. Our tiles provide comfort, support, and durability, elevating your workout journey.

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We Sell Tiles For Gym  First Hand Review Video

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  1. The We Sell Tiles For Gym are highly durable and long-lasting, ensuring that they last for a long time.
  2. The tiles are versatile and can be used in all types of sports, making them suitable for all types of exercises.
  3. With a size of 16 square feet (4 tiles), the We Sell Tiles For Gym cover a large area, making it easy to set up the gym.
  4. The tiles provide anti-fatigue cushion support, allowing gym-goers to work out for longer without experiencing discomfort.
  5. The tiles are easy to install and clean-up, making maintenance hassle-free.



Color Black
Material Foam
Brand We Sell Mats
Special Feature Durable
Shape Square

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6)innhom Tiles Gym Flooring

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring may be modified to meet any gym’s size and shape. Easy installation lets you construct your ideal workout space. These non-slip tiles prevent accidents and secure exercise equipment.

Superior Impact Absorption and Durability

Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring is durable. These high-quality tiles can resist rigorous use and training equipment. Even after intense workouts, the durable surface maintains gym flooring.

Gym tiles are impact-absorbing and durable. They prevent joint stress and injury during high-impact workouts like leaping and plyometrics. Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring protects your body as you exercise.

Modernize Your Gym

Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring is elegant and performs well. These sleek, futuristic mats come in six black and six gray tones. Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring makes your workout room safe, effective, and attractive.

Maintainability and Flexibility

Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring offers convenience. Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a waterproof, easy-to-clean substance, makes these mats. This makes it easy to clean the gym.

These exercise mats are impressively versatile. They can be used in many exercises. Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring is the best portable workout surface for yoga, weightlifting, and cardio.


Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring exceeds expectations for safe, functional, and attractive workout spaces. Its durability, impact absorption, and customization make it the perfect fitness foundation. Its sleek design and easy maintenance make it a practical and beautiful gym or fitness facility choice. Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring will transform your gym into a fitness paradise.

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innhom Tiles Gym Flooring First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring provides a comfortable and durable workout surface, allowing gym-goers to work out for longer periods.
  2. The mats are waterproof and easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.
  3. With a coverage of 48 SQ FT, the Innhom Tiles Gym Flooring covers a large area, making it easy to set up the gym.
  4. The mats are easy to assemble, making set up and take down hassle-free.
  5. The mats have multiple uses and can be used for a variety of workouts, making them a versatile option for those who need a portable workout surface.



Brand Name Innhom
Manufacturer innhom
Part Number MAT-6B-6G

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7)BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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High-density EVA foam cushions the BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles for every workout. These mats improve your performance whether you’re doing yoga, Pilates, or other workouts. The durable foam can sustain even the most intensive workouts.

Unmatched Safety and Traction

BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles excel at exercise safety. Even during intense workouts, these tiles prevent slips and falls. Forget about stability while straining your limits. These tiles let you focus on exercise without compromising safety.

Customizable and Beautiful

BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles bring style and practicality to your gym. These sleek Black tiles give your gym a modern, minimalist appeal. You can also customize your arrangement by interlocking the tiles to fit your chosen dimensions.

Every Workout Flexibility

BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles useful for many sports and exercises. These tiles adapt to cardio, strength, or a mix of both. Make your home gym a versatile area that supports your training goals.

Simple Assembly and Maintenance

We know it’s important to clean your gym. BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles make cleaning easy. Water and soap can easily clean tiles, making maintenance easy. The ingenious jigsaw interlocking design makes these tiles easy to build and disassemble, making gym layout changes quick and straightforward.

Get a Home Gym Now

In conclusion, the BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles are a great purchase for anyone looking to construct a pleasant, safe, and practical home gym. These tiles may turn your home gym into a fitness sanctuary with their comfort, durability, safety, and visual appeal. Don’t wait—upgrade your training with BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles and achieve new fitness goals.

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BalanceFrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles First Hand Review Video

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  1. The Balancefrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles provide a comfortable and durable workout surface, allowing gym-goers to work out for longer periods.
  2. The tiles have a non-slip feature, making them a safe and reliable option for gym-goers.
  3. With a coverage of 24 square feet, the Balancefrom Puzzle Interlocking Tiles cover a large area, making it easy to set up the gym.
  4. The tiles are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that gym-goers can focus on their workouts rather than maintenance.
  5. The puzzle interlocking design of the tiles makes them easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a convenient option for those who need a portable workout surface.



Color Black
Material Foam
Brand BalanceFrom
Special Feature Non-slip
Pattern Solid

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Best flooring for home gym over concrete 2023-Complete Buying Guide

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It’s not easy to know what type of flooring is best for a home gym, especially if you’re setting it up on concrete. There are many factors to consider, from cost to durability and comfort.

This buying guide will provide a comprehensive look at the best flooring for a home gym over concrete in 2021, so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll explore various flooring materials and help you understand their pros and cons. We’ll also discuss installation tips and information about buying the best home gym mats for your needs. Finally, we’ll answer some of the most commonly asked questions about setting up a home gym over concrete.

Importance of flooring in home gym

Good flooring for home gyms over concrete is essential for creating a safe, comfortable, and efficient exercise experience. A floor that is too slippery increases the chances of slipping, tripping, or falling. Moreover, when exercising with heavier weights like barbells and dumbbells it contributes to injuries caused by excessive vibrations.

The purpose of your gym floor is to provide cushioning while protecting the underlying concrete layer from damage. As such, selecting the right type of floor can help optimize your exercise performance while avoiding potential accidents or injuries. Additionally, it should create an inviting atmosphere within your space, where you can work out with peace of mind.

The most important aspect in selecting gym floors for home gyms over concrete is durability – a strong floor choice will save you money in the long run by requiring less frequent repairs or replacements due to wear and tear from regularly exercising. Other factors include aesthetic appearance (ease of installation), sound dampening abilities (prevent sound disturbances throughout the home), moisture resistance, slip resistance (to avoid accidents) and ease of cleaning (to prevent bacteria buildup).

To choose the best gym flooring option for you in 2021-2022 consider assessing its features based on this criteria. In addition to our selection below we have included helpful tips on how to make a more informed decision and evaluate each option available in greater detail.

Factors to consider when choosing flooring

Best flooring for home gym over concrete

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When choosing a flooring material for your home gym, there are several factors to keep in mind. The four main factors to consider are durability, cost, noise-level reduction and ease of installation.

  • Durability – Depending on the type of workouts you plan to do in your home gym, you will need to select a material that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Many materials such as rubber and carpeting typically used for activity areas can wear quickly with heavy use.
  • Cost – Some flooring materials are quite expensive, depending on the size of your area you need to cover and if you plan on using additional padding or foam beneath it. It’s important to research what’s available and consider both quality and price when making your decision.
  • Noise Level Reduction – If you plan on doing any high impact exercises in your home gym that involve jumping or running then it’s essential that you choose a material that will absorb some of the shock from those movements. Noise reduction materials may be necessary for apartment living when exercising at night can potentially disturb neighbors.
  • Ease of Installation – Different types of flooring materials have different requirements for installation based on subfloor preparation work and skill levels needed. For example, if installing tile over concrete basement floors, special techniques may be necessary requiring additional labor costs or specialized knowledge; interlocking foam tile or mats may be easier and less costly choices depending on the type used.

Types of flooring

Depending on the type and intensity of activity being performed in the home gym, there are a variety of different flooring options available to suit your needs. Here are some of the various types available for those looking for a functional, durable and easy-to-clean surface on which to exercise:

  • Rubber Flooring: Rubber is one of the most popular options for home gyms due to its durability, low cost, and ability to absorb shock from heavy equipment. It also provides cushioning for joints and is relatively easy to clean and maintain.
  • Foam Floor Tiles: Foam floor tiles provide cushioning support for aerobic exercises as well as muscle soreness from lifting weights or other activities. They also come in multiple sizes and colors so you can make your own unique design with ease.
  • Interlocking Gym Locking Mat System: This mat system consists of interlocking puzzle pieces that form a protective floor covering while allowing you to custom design patterns and color schemes with just a few clicks of the mouse or smartphone app selection tools. This system makes a great choice when it comes to overall aesthetic appeal as well as functionality because it’s designed specifically for high traffic areas like home gyms.
  • Carpet Tiles: Carpet tiles are an affordable choice when it comes to creating a comfortable atmosphere in your home gym as they help reduce noise while still providing grip used during weight lifting activities like deadlifts, squats etc…They also help insulate against cold concrete floors by providing more cushioning than rubber flooring can provide – bonus!

Besides these general types of flooring materials there are some specialized ones such as cork gym mats, wooden gym flooring and turf mats which can be useful depending on your individual needs and preferences – be sure to do your research before settling on any one option so you know you’re making an informed decision!

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring can be an excellent choice for a home gym over concrete surfaces, as it is a very durable, slip-resistant surface that can handle the weight of gym equipment. Rubber is also available in varying thicknesses and styles to accommodate different levels of impact and cushioning for different types of activities. Many manufacturers also offer rubber floor tiles which can make installation even easier.

There are drawbacks to rubber, however – it does have an odor when new and it must be exposed to air and sunlight after installation in order to dissipate the smell. Additionally, rubber is notoriously difficult to remove when it’s time to switch out with another type of flooring.

Interlocking foam mats

Interlocking foam mats may be the best option for creating a comfortable cushion over a concrete basement that is to be used as a home gym. This type of flooring can provide an insulation layer between the concrete and fitness equipment. It also absorbs impact during more vigorous workouts, protecting the user from injury due to slips or falls.

For gym use specifically, look for foam mats that are sturdy, durable and moisture-resistant with enough padding to protect against injuries from drops or falls. Durability is key when choosing interlocking foam mats – quality options will withstand wear and tear from heavy use on hard surfaces and last for years to come. The thickness of the mat is key – if you plan to do kettlebells or drop weights, choose thicker mats (1½ inch thick or more) as any extra cushioning can prevent injury and noise pollution that could disturb neighbors in case of an accidental drop.

Additionally, many interlocking foam mats come with additional features such as corner pieces to assist in creating a space with clean lines, so consider these details when purchasing your material.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is an affordable, DIY-friendly, and low-maintenance option for home gym flooring over concrete that is also easy to clean. It comes in a variety of colors, styles, textures, and thicknesses to suit any aesthetic preference or lifestyle need.

Vinyl plank flooring provides exceptional traction and cushiony support for high-impact workouts without feeling too soft the way carpet can. It is suitable for any home gym use and environmental conditions. It can be installed easily over existing concrete with minimal preparation required.

Vinyl plank floors are resistant to mold and mildew growth, water damage, staining, fading and wear due to higher traffic levels in a home gym environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring

When choosing the best flooring option for your home gym over concrete, it is important to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of each type of flooring. It will help you determine which option will be best for your specific needs and situation.

In general, rubber flooring offers a faster installation process, ease of care and maintenance, as well as enhanced sound absorption on concrete surfaces. On the other hand, foam or cork flooring may be a better option if you are looking for more cushion when exercising.

Below is a break down of advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of flooring:

  • Rubber Flooring – Advantages: Easy installation process; low maintenance; good sound absorption; anti-slip surface when wet; environmentally friendly; available in many different colors and sizes. Disadvantages: Can be more expensive than other types of flooring; not comfortable underfoot when used on its own without additional cushioning material.
  • Foam Flooring – Advantages: Comfort underfoot; oftentimes easier to install than rubber floor mats or tiles; durable materials available in both interlocking tiles and rolls. Disadvantages: Not suitable in areas where moisture or water resistance is needed due to its absorbency qualities; easily damaged by sharp objects such as dropped weights.
  • Cork Flooring – Advantages: Shock-absorbent surface which makes it great for gym exercise machines like treadmills, stationary bicycles and elliptical trainers with their vibrating handles bars ; very quiet operation compared to rubber options ; natural insulator that keeps heat away from the room during hot summers while trapping heat in during winter months ; easy installation over existing concrete floors ; antifungal properties that make it great choice for wet environments such as health clubs and pool deck spaces . Disadvantages : Not as strong against wear-and-tear damage caused by falling weights since cork has a tendency to gauge around these objects ; can become deflated with excessive use ; hard wood materials used can cause scratches/gouges if not maintained properly with timely sandings .

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is a top choice for many home gyms and is particularly popular when the gym is installed over a concrete base. It offers superior durability, cushioning, and sound absorption compared to other flooring materials. Rubber flooring also provides excellent slip-resistance and protection from abrasion.

It comes in various thicknesses, so it can accommodate condition-specific needs for shock absorption or load bearing. The variety of installation methods – ranging from glue down to click systems – make rubber an ideal flooring for areas with limited subfloor preparation possibilities or minimal ventilation room constraints. It requires minimal maintenance and offers good value for its long-term performance.


When it comes to selecting the best flooring for your home gym space over concrete, first and foremost, consider its durability and resilience. Adjusting machines, dropping weights and general wear and tear can take a toll on your flooring materials – especially when placed over cold concrete. As such, it is important to prioritize those materials that are known to withstand such treatment.

Of the various types of flooring that are suitable for this purpose, rubber gym flooring is a popular choice due to its flexible construction and shock absorbent capabilities. This type of flooring also has additional benefits in terms of sound reduction which prevents disturbance of downstairs neighbors if there is no ceiling barrier protecting them from noise generated by any exercise equipment. Additionally, rubber gym mats are generally resistant to water, sweat and stains – making them easy to maintain with regular cleaning.


Slip-resistance is one of the most important traits to consider when choosing the best flooring for a home gym over a concrete subfloor. Materials that provide ample traction promise safer workouts and can help reduce slips and falls. A good rule of thumb is that you want the material you choose to be softer and more forgiving than the concrete floors beneath it. For example, if your concrete floor has a lot of texture such as bumps or ridges, you’ll want to choose something that doesn’t have very much texture – or even feels very slippery – so as to avoid any potential safety hazards while exercising.

To determine slip-resistance, look for materials with high coefficient of friction (COF) ratings like carpets with tall loop-style pile or rubber gym mats and tiles with thin textured surfaces. The higher the COF the more traction it offers, which in turn translates into better grip for your shoes so you can focus on what’s important – hitting those PRs! Additionally, look for materials that are certified safe and comply with any applicable standards set by organizations like OSHA for flooring in commercial settings. This will ensure that your floors won’t present a hazard to yourself or anyone else who might use them in the future should you decide to move or sell your home gym setup at some point down the line.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for home gyms because of its durable construction and affordability. It is easy to install, thanks to the fact that it comes in sheet or tile form and is available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Additionally, waterproof vinyl is available if you’re worried about spillage or sweating.

Vinyl flooring is made of layers of PVC plastic, which makes it much easier on your feet – and joints – compared to concrete floors. It also has cushioned-backed construction, adding a subtle amount of bounce that is great for shock absorption during exercise. This can be beneficial when doing exercises like plyometrics (jumping exercises).

However, one downside of vinyl flooring for home gyms is that it doesn’t provide as much traction as rubber or foam flooring options. It’s important to choose high-quality non-slip material if you are looking for extra grip; this will stop you from slipping around during intense workouts.


When it comes to home gyms, water resistance is an important factor when selecting the best flooring for concrete. It is important that your floor can withstand damage caused by perspiration and accidental spills during workouts, or other athletic activities.

Rubber gym flooring is ideal in this situation; its strong but elastic properties help reduce noise while protecting equipment. It also offers superior water resistance to other flooring options including foam and turf mats, as well as carpet tiles, making it the best choice for your home gym over concrete.

Rubber gym flooring has the unique ability to remain flexible even in extreme environmental conditions, flaunting anti-slip surfaces which provide superior shock absorption and traction. This type of flooring does come at a higher cost than the other options, however its durability and longevity make it well worth the investment for individuals looking for reliable performance over time.

Variety of designs

Finding the right flooring for your home gym is a tough balancing act between form and function. On the one hand you need something that protects your floor from damage, as well as being kind to wear and tear over time. On the other hand you want something with a range of designs so that can customise it to suit your individual taste, no matter what theme you have going in your home.

There’s a huge variety of designs from which to choose, which range from textured rubber to interlocking tiles and roll-out mats:

  • Textured rubber floors not only prevent wear but also add texture to help lessen slips and falls when exercising.
  • Interlocking tiles come in several different colours and thicknesses, making them extremely user friendly when looking for versatile flooring.
  • Roll-out mats are perfect if you’re working with smaller spaces or move around often; they’re simple to install, easy to clean and quick storage when needs be making them a great option for the active person who needs practicality as well as convenience throughout their gym routine.


In conclusion, when considering the best flooring for a home gym over concrete in 2021, the choice ultimately depends on a number of factors. Many popular types of flooring are available at different price points and with a variety of features and benefits to choose from.

Ultimately, it is important to consider personal preferences, budget, and the type of activity that will be taking place in your home gym before selecting which flooring option is best for you. Taking into consideration these factors can help ensure you have enjoyable and successful workouts for years to come.

Additionally, ensuring your chosen flooring has adequate insulation properties and vapor-barrier characteristics can help avoid any potential moisture problems that could arise with a lower quality product. For optimal results and long lasting protection, professional installation is recommended.


What type of floor is best for home gym?

Rubber flooring is the most popular and recommended type for a home gym as it provides cushioning, durability and slip resistance.

Can you put gym flooring on concrete?

Yes, you can put gym flooring on concrete as long as the surface is clean and level.

What is the best thick gym flooring?

The best thick gym flooring is rubber flooring with a thickness of 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch.

How do you install rubber gym flooring on concrete?

To install rubber gym flooring on concrete, you will need to prepare the surface, trim the rubber tiles to fit, use a heavy-duty adhesive, and then lay and cut the tiles.

Is foam or rubber better for home gym floor?

Both foam and rubber flooring can be good options for a home gym, it depends on personal preference. Foam is lighter and less expensive, but rubber is more durable and provides better shock absorbency.

How to build a gym floor over concrete?

To build a gym floor over concrete, you can install interlocking tiles or rubber flooring with adhesive. You may need to prepare the concrete surface by cleaning and leveling it first.

Can you put rubber flooring over concrete?

Yes, you can put rubber flooring over concrete as long as the surface is clean, level and dry.

How can I cover a concrete floor cheaply?

You can cover a concrete floor cheaply by using carpet tiles, interlocking foam mats, or vinyl flooring.

Is an epoxy floor good for home gym?

An epoxy floor is a good option for a home gym if you are looking for a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

What are the disadvantages of epoxy flooring?

Some of the disadvantages of epoxy flooring include: high cost, difficulty in repair, and sensitivity to certain chemicals. It may also become slippery when wet, so anti-slip additives should be considered.

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