Best home gym timer 2023

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Are you looking for the perfect timer to keep your home gym workouts on track? You’re in luck!

Our complete buying guide provides all the information you need to make the right decision. From features to budget considerations, we cover it all! Read on to choose the best home gym timer for 2023.

Best home gym timer 2023

  1. BTBSIGN Gym timer (Editor’s Pick)
  2. ANJANK Gym timer (Best Overall)
  3. GymNext Gym timer (Budget Friendly)
  4. LUCORB Gym timer
  5. Seesii Gym timer
  6. SLEVIO  Gymtimer
  7. Naoeleii Gym timer

1)BTBSIGN Gym timer

Best home gym timer

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The BTBSIGN Gym Timer is made of high-quality metal to survive your roughest workouts. Its long lifespan makes it the perfect exercise partner for individuals who appreciate durability.

Distance-Clear Visibility

The BTBSIGN Gym Timer is visible from afar due to its 11-inch length and 4-inch height. Stop squinting to track workout progress. The wide, bright display lets you track time without distractions so you can focus on your exercise objectives.

Flexible Time Display

Dual time display gives the BTBSIGN Gym Timer unmatched versatility. This timer supports 12-hour and 24-hour military time. You may easily swap between modes to fit your preferences or workout routines.

For Every Gym-Goer

Gym timers must be reliable. The BTBSIGN Gym Timer is reliable and useful for fitness enthusiasts. This timer lets you focus on pushing yourself and accomplishing your workout objectives without interruptions.

Customised Intervals Unlock Potential

The BTBSIGN Gym Timer lets you customise intervals and rest periods for your workout. This timer works perfectly for HIIT, circuit training, and other workouts. This timer lets you optimise your workouts and regulate your fitness path.

Easy-to-Use Design

Gym equipment’s use is crucial. The smart and user-friendly BTBSIGN Gym Timer excels in this regard. No of your gym experience, this timer is easy to set up and use. Its simple controls let you start your workout quickly.

An Attractive Gym Addition

The BTBSIGN Gym Timer enriches your workout room with its clean, attractive design and excellent functioning. Its sleek design complements any gym and shows your exercise commitment. This timer improves gym aesthetics and performance.


The BTBSIGN Gym Timer is essential for gym-goers who value performance, durability, and style. Durability, adaptability, and user-friendliness make it ideal for workouts. The BTBSIGN Gym Timer unlocks your potential with exact timekeeping, customisation, and efficiency. Improve your fitness and make a mark in the gym.

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BTBSIGN Gym timer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Durable metal construction ensures long-lasting use
  2. Sleek and stylish design looks great in any gym setting
  3. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to operate
  4. Highly customizable for a wide range of workout intervals and rest periods
  5. Compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and store.



Material Metal
Product Dimensions 4 D x 11 W x 1 5 H
Item Weight 1 3 Pounds

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2)ANJANK Gym timer

Best home gym timer

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The ANJANK Gym Timer has simple HIIT, Crossfit, Tabata, and Boxing settings. Stop manually setting the timer and focus on exercise. Smart timers simplify workouts.

Simple and Dependable

ANJANK Gym Timer Unlocks Potential

Gym timers are essential for fitness enthusiasts. Gym Timer. ANJANK’s top-of-the-line timer is ideal for improving your workouts.

On-Demand Customization

Gym Timer: Customise Your Workout

ANJANK Gym Timers are versatile. This timer offers five workout and training settings. The ANJANK Gym Timer tracks weightlifting, HIIT, and other workouts.

Simple Interface

Workout Easily

ANJANK Gym Timer’s basic UI works. This timer lets you set workout and rest periods using simple buttons. Athletes and gym beginners can utilise this timer.

Portability redefined

Portable ANJANK Gym Timer

ANJANK Gym Timer redefines portability. The 17.2 x 4.49 x 2.56-inch, 1.87-pound timer fits in your gym bag or shelf.

Improve Training

ANJANK: Elevated Training

ANJANK Gym Timer aids fitness goals. Train well. ANJANK Gym Timer unleashes potential.

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  1. Five different settings provide versatility for a wide range of workout routines
  2. User-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your workout intervals and rest periods
  3. Compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport and storage
  4. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use
  5. Buttons provide tactile feedback for added precision and ease of use.



Number of settings 5
Human Interface Input Buttons
Package Dimensions 17 2 x 4 49 x 2 56 inches
Item Weight 1 87 pounds

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3)GymNext Gym timer

Best home gym timer

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Aluminium strengthens the GymNext Gym Timer. It is durable and reliable for any fitness routine.

Design Flexibility

The GymNext Gym Timer is flexible. Any gym can benefit from its portability.

Optimised Readability

Simple Display

The GymNext Gym Timer boasts a big, high-contrast LED display. This elegant interface shows training and rest times. The display tracks workout progress in dark or bright gyms.

Simple Interface

Easy Controls

The GymNext Gym Timer has an easy-to-use interface. Its simplicity simplifies setup and use.


The GymNext Gym Timer is the greatest robust, user-friendly gym timer. Its lightweight aluminium frame withstands intense exercises. Everyone may enjoy the broad, easy-to-read display and uncomplicated controls. GymNext Gym Timer is the most accurate and reliable. This device improves your workouts today!

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  1. Lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to transport and store
  2. Large and easy-to-read display provides clear information about your workout progress
  3. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to operate
  4. Versatile design can be used for a wide range of workout routines and training styles
  5. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.



Brand GymNext
Material Aluminum
Product Dimensions 2 D x 13 W x 5 H
Item Weight 1 36 Kilograms

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4)LUCORB Gym timer

Best home gym timer

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The LUCORB Gym Timer is composed of durable plastic for demanding workouts. All fitness enthusiasts may rely its durability. The timer’s magnet makes it visible during workouts.

Unmatched battery endurance

LUCORB Gym Timers endure. 20-hour rechargeable battery on this amazing gizmo. Uninterrupted workouts.

Workout Buddy

LUCORB Gym Timer is a compact, simple exercise timer. It can handle the roughest exercises thanks to its lightweight and durable plastic construction. It’s easy to carry to the gym.

Easier Use

LUCORB Gym Timer streamlines use. The simple controls make it easy to set up and use for gym veterans and beginners. This timer simplifies exercise.

Flexible Performance

The LUCORB Gym Timer supports multiple training programmes. Weightlifting, HIIT, and other workouts benefit from this timing.

LUCORB Improves Fitness

For athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking a reliable, compact, and user-friendly timer, the LUCORB Gym Timer is a game-changer. LUCORB Gym Timer improves precision and performance.

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LUCORB Gym timer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and store
  2. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to operate
  3. Versatile design can be used for a wide range of workout routines and training styles
  4. Durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting use
  5. Affordable price point makes it accessible for a wide range of customers.



Material Plastic
Product Dimensions 0 9 D x 6 3 W x 2 H
Item Weight 0 29 Pounds

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5)Seesii Gym timer

Best home gym timer

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The Seesii Gym Timer is made of high-quality metal for tough workouts. This 599-gram timer is durable. Seesii Gym Timer performs well regardless of activity intensity.

Adjustable Brightness

Adjust the Seesii Gym Timer’s brightness to suit your workout. Customise the display for best visibility in different lighting conditions. This timer can display brightly or softly.

Improve Training

The Seesii Gym Timer helps improve workouts. Timed workouts improve focus, discipline, and efficiency. With this amazing equipment, exceed your fitness goals.

Style and Function

The Seesii Gym Timer is stylish and performs well. Its style enhances any workout room. This timer combines fashion and function.

Displaying Information Clearly

The Seesii Gym Timer displays workout intervals and rest periods on a large, easy-to-read LED display. The high-contrast screen makes tracking progress easy.

Unmatched Flexibility

The Seesii Gym Timer adjusts to your workout schedule and style. This timer is adaptable to high-intensity interval training and circuit training. Take your workouts to new heights with the Seesii Gym Timer’s adaptability.


For athletes and exercise fanatics, the Seesii Gym Timer is the best companion. This timer excels in durability, practicality, and style. The Seesii Gym Timer excels in durability, customization, and style. The Seesii Gym Timer gives your training precision and elegance.

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Seesii Gym timer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Durable metal construction ensures long-lasting use
  2. Large and easy-to-read display provides clear information about your workout progress
  3. Versatile design can be customized to suit a wide range of different workout routines and training styles
  4. Compact size and lightweight design make it easy to transport and store
  5. Easy to use, with intuitive controls that make it easy to set up and operate.



Brand Seesii
Material Metal
Product Dimensions 1 5 D x 11 5 W x 4 H
Item Weight 599 Grams

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6)SLEVIO  Gymtimer

Best home gym timer

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For intensive workouts, the SLEVIO Gymtimer is sturdy. This timer’s high-quality plastic and rubber construction ensures durability. No matter how hard you exercise, the SLEVIO Gymtimer will work perfectly.

Additionally, its size makes it portable. You may easily carry it in your gym bag or pocket.

Simple, User-Friendly Operation

SLEVIO Gymtimers are designed for simplicity. Users of all levels will enjoy this ingenious device. Setting up and using the timer is easy with its intuitive controls. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or a gym newbie, the SLEVIO Gymtimer provides a smooth experience.

No more time lost on confusing instructions or interfaces. The SLEVIO Gymtimer lets you concentrate on your workout and maximise efficiency. With this simple timing tool, you can recapture every second of your gym time.

Fits Your Fitness Routine

SLEVIO’s gym timer shines in adaptability. Multiple modes accommodate a variety of fitness programmes and training types on this fantastic device. The SLEVIO Gymtimer is your best friend for high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, circuit training, and other workouts.

With its countdown and round modes, this timer accurately tracks your workout progress. The buzzer reminds you when each session ends. The SLEVIO Gymtimer helps you reach your fitness goals by timing each step.


In conclusion, the SLEVIO Gymtimer offers unrivalled benefits for athletes and exercise lovers wanting a high-quality timing tool. It’s the best pick for gym workouts due to its durability, portability, user-friendliness, and versatility. Don’t settle with subpar timers that slow your progress; enhance your training sessions with the SLEVIO Gymtimer today and see the difference it makes to your fitness journey.

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  1. Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and store
  2. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to operate
  3. Versatile design can be used for a wide range of workout routines and training styles
  4. Durable plastic and rubber construction ensures long-lasting use
  5. Affordable price point makes it accessible for a wide range of customers.



Material plastic rubber
Product Dimensions 0 98 D x 6 9 W x 2 3 H
Item Weight 0 44 Pounds

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7)Naoeleii Gym timer

Best home gym timer

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For maximum flexibility, the Naoeleii Gym Timer permits 99 rounds, P0–P10. This great tool enables you modify workout intervals and rest periods to your training needs.

Simple Controls

Easy-to-use Naoeleii Gym Timer. Its well-placed controls make adjustments straightforward, allowing you focus on your activities. The Naoeleii Gym Timer simplifies irritating timers.

Portable, Action-Ready

Tired of restrictive timers? Naoeleii Gym Timer solves that. This lightweight timer is for energetic persons who workout outside, at the gym, or elsewhere. Exercise anywhere with the Naoeleii Gym Timer.

Lasting Quality

Intense workouts need a robust timer. The Naoeleii Gym Timer can handle everything. No more broken parts. The Naoeleii Gym Timer’s long-lasting design helps you reach your fitness goals.

Perfect Fitness Gift

Fitness buffs will love the Naoeleii Gym Timer for Christmas. Health and wellness lovers love its practicality, accessibility, and functionality.


The Naoeleii Gym Timer is the most reliable and simple timer. Adjustable circles, easy navigation, compact size, and durability distinguish it. Get the Naoeleii Gym Timer today for ease, precision, and performance.

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Naoeleii Gym timer First Hand Review Video

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  1. Simple and intuitive controls make it easy to operate
  2. Versatile design can be used for a wide range of workout routines and training styles
  3. Compact and portable design makes it easy to transport and store
  4. Durable construction ensures long-lasting use
  5. Affordable price point makes it accessible for a wide range of customers.



Brand Naoeleii
Product Dimensions 1 7 D x 11 W x 3 9 H
Human Interface Input Buttons

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Best home gym timer 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Best home gym timer

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If you are considering creating an at-home gym or upgrading your existing home gym with a timer, this guide will provide you with valuable information. Timers are an essential and often overlooked piece of home gym equipment that can add challenge to your workouts while helping you track your goals. They also help ensure that adequate rest is taken in between sets to maximize the effectiveness of your home fitness program.

This buying guide provides details on types of timers and features, explains how different types of users can benefit from these devices, outlines factors to consider when making a purchasing decision and provides reviews of the best home gym timers for 2023. Taking all this into consideration will likely result in a purchase that meets the needs of the individual buyer for years to come.

Importance of a gym timer in a home gym setup

Having a gym timer allows you to time the entire workout session and measure your results. A home gym that is properly set up requires a timer, as it allows users to track the pace of their exercises. The primary benefit of having a timer for your home gym is that it provides an accurate way to track intensity, reps, sets and rest times. This enables you to properly gauge your results and ultimately maximize your potential gains from exercise.

Timing also plays an important role in keeping consistent breaks throughout workouts so that energy levels remain high and rest times are appropriately scheduled. With the right timer in place, timers can accurately time sets or sprints and make adjustments accordingly during each workout without having to constantly stop and start the session again. Properly timed exercises are essential because they force users to focus on performing exercises with high intensity rather than relying solely on endurance. By having a gym timer in place you can ensure this type of disciplined training routine which will eventually lead to better progress over time.

Purpose of the guide

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This buying guide has been designed to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a home gym timer. It features various types of timers and their features, as well as common features that home gyms have in general. It will provide insight on the different brands and models available in the market, as well as tips on how to get the most out of your purchase. You should also use this guide to compare prices and determine which type of timer best fits your needs.

In addition, by reading this guide you can gain knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of timers available for use in a home gym system. After reading this guide, it is hoped that you will feel more confident when making your selection for a timer for your home gym system so that you can get the most value out of the money that you invest.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Home Gym Timer

When shopping for a home gym timer, there are several factors you should consider before making a purchase. First, you need to decide what type of timer will best suit your needs. There are digital timers, mechanical timers with bells or buzzers, and hybrid models that offer both features.

Next, think about the kinds of exercises you plan to do and make sure the timer is suitable for those activities. For instance, if you’re practicing martial arts, look for options with custom timing schedules that can help track combinations. If you’re strength-training or performing HIIT workouts, a timer with interval settings may be more beneficial.

Also look at the size and display of the timer; this will depend largely on where in your home gym it will be mounted or placed. A larger screen is helpful if you typically have to take one or two steps away from it to complete an exercise. Bright backgrounds can also aid visibility in dimly lit areas — many come standard with both LCD and LED backlighting options for this purpose.

Finally, take note of the cost and warranty specifications in case any problems arise after purchase. Review customer feedback to get an idea of how the timer performs overall including battery life expectancy, quality construction materials used etc., and make sure it has been certified safe according to established safety standards such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

Type of workout

When selecting the right gym timer for your home gym, you will need to decide what type of workout you plan on doing. Depending on the type of workout, there are different types of timers designed for different needs.

If you plan on doing interval training such as Tabata or HIIT workouts, then an interval timer with audible alerts is a great choice. These timers can help keep track of rest and work periods and are available in both digital and analog versions.

If strength training is more your style, then a basic stopwatch or chronograph watch can be used to time sets of reps or rest time between rounds. For weight training that requires heavy lifting, a lifting belt with a timer might be ideal as it has a built-in stopwatch that is designed for timing workouts that involve short bursts of intense effort.

Other basic timers include rep counters and wall-mounted clocks which can help with keeping track of rounds during group classes or personal workouts at home. Regardless of what type of fitness routine you plan on doing, having the right timing device can take your workout from good to great!

Display and readability

Display and readability are two important elements to consider when buying a home gym timer. Look for something with a great display that will help make it easy to read from any distance. Large, backlit digital displays are ideal for larger rooms, while LCD displays may help make smaller areas more manageable.

Additionally, if you’re planning to use the timer for interval training sessions at night or in low-light scenarios, choose a model with buttons that take no time to identify and press at a glance in the dim light or vivid color indicators or adjustable brightness may be your best bet.

Also, look at its power source requirements – some models are solar-powered while others may require batteries or cables.

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface should be one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a home gym timer. From setting up programs to starting a new class and accessing settings quickly, it’s important that the timer has an intuitive design and easy-to-use features.

Look for machines with simple navigation menus, whether displayed on an LCD screen or large buttons on the front of the device. You should also compare different models to find out which ones offer customizable settings and internet connectivity for additional features (like correct tracking via GPS).

Finally, make sure that any machine you purchase is compatible with your mobile devices as well as other fitness apps like Runkeeper or MapMyFitness.

Top Home Gym Timers in 2023

Finding the right timer to enhance your home gym experience can be challenging. That’s why it is essential to have a good understanding of the features, styles and types of timers available on the market. Below, we will explore the best home gym timers in 2023 and provide an overview of each of their features.

  1. Gym Boss Wireless Interval Timer: The Gym Boss Wireless Interval Timer is a formidable option because it comes with accurate, user-friendly programming and has a long-range wireless signal (up to 150+ feet away). This timer features 7 preset interval icons for programmable workouts, adjustable volume/brightness for aiding visibility in any type of environment, as well as auto shutoff conserves battery life. Additionally, this timer’s locking buckle clasp prevents accidental interruptions of your workout session and keeps your timer securely attached to any piece of exercise equipment.
  2. WODtimer Elite Home Gym Timer: If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable option, then you should consider the WODtimer Elite Home Gym Timer. This timer is equipped with a comprehensive programming interface that allows you to customize your workout sessions into sets/reps counts or time intervals with ease. Furthermore, you can use the simple two-button operation for programming runs and rounds using either the BFT stopwatch mode or the competition format mode respectively. Additionally, this timer is also equipped with up to 10 pre-programmed AMRAP workouts which are ideal for HIIT exercises anytime!
  3. Tabata Wall Timer from Rogue ABS: If you want maximum performance from your home gym then this Tabata Wall Timer from Rogue ABS might be just what you need! This device offers all of the standard features that are expected from high-end gym timers including programmable rest times between exercises as well programmed 10 second warnings at different intervals to boost efficiency during long blocks of time; however it also offers an additional 2-3 minutes countdown before any planned sets–perfect for those longer interval rounds! Furthermore, this rugged device will last up to 5 hours after being charged via USB port so even if plugged in at home or projected onto a wall throughout your workouts –Rogue ABS Tabata Wall Timer will stay by your side until its job is done properly!

Product 1

Product 1 offers an easy-to-use digital timer with a large display. The timer has customizable pre-sets and is capable of storing up to 10 different workouts of various lengths. It also comes with a light and loud alarm so you can be sure it won’t disturb other people in your home gym.

It is battery operated, allowing you to move it around if needed. The timer also comes with a belt clip for those that are looking for an even more convenient way to carry the device around.


When searching for the best home gym timer, there are several features you need to consider. Durability and accuracy should be two of your top concerns. Look for an accurate timer that is built with reliable hardware and materials that can withstand intense physical activity. Battery life is also important, as a battery power failure could interrupt your workout session. You also want a feature-rich timer that can track workout duration and intensity better, allowing you to keep your fitness routine on track.

Other features you may want to consider include multiple time settings and alarms, customizable displays, auto-shutoff safety features and external port hooks for exterior devices. Additionally, some timers come with built-in heart rate monitors or GPS capabilities to provide more accurate tracking of your workouts. All these features help ensure that the timer meets your exact needs and preferences.

Pros and cons

Before selecting the right home gym timer for your needs, it is important to consider the pros and cons of buying one.

Pros of a home gym timer:

  • A home gym timer can help you to keep track of how much time you spend on each exercise, ensuring that you get the most out of your routine.
  • It is convenient and easy to use. With a few simple clicks, you can easily start and stop the timer as needed.
  • Many timers come with advanced features such as interval training, which allows for varying levels of intensity during a workout session.
  • A home gym timer helps encourages consistency by keeping track of how long you spend in each exercise. This will keep your routine from becoming dull or monotonous over time.
  • The portability ensures that you can take it anywhere – including on business trips or vacations!

Cons of a home gym timer:

  • Some high end models may be expensive, so be sure to do research and shop around before making a purchase.
  • The set up process may take some time and effort as many models require assembly prior to use.
  • If used incorrectly, the timer may underestimate or overestimate how long an exercise takes, causing confusion when setting goals for yourself or others.


It’s important to remember that when it comes to home gym timers there is no one-size-fits-all option. Depending on your budget and your own lifestyle needs, you may have to consider a few different features and models. But in the end, investing in a home gym timer is one of the best ways to ensure that you stay on track during your workout and maximize results.

All of the options recommended here are great for most users, just take some time to think about what features are essential for your needs before making a purchase. With this buying guide, you’ll be sure to find a timer that best meets your budget and lifestyle requirements.



What is a good workout timer?

A good workout timer is one that is reliable, accurate, and easy to use. It should also have features that allow you to customize your workout, such as different intervals, rest periods, and rounds.


Why use a gym timer?

A gym timer can be a useful tool for tracking time during workouts, especially for interval training or workouts that involve multiple sets or rounds. It can help you stay on track, maintain intensity, and ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout.

What is the best free interval timer?

There are many free interval timer apps available, but the best one will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some popular options include Tabata Timer, Interval Timer, and Seconds Pro.

How long does rogue home timer battery last?

The battery life of the Rogue Home Timer will depend on how often it is used and the type of battery it is using. Typically, the battery should last for several months to a year with regular use.

What is the 12/3 30 workout rule?

The 12/3 30 workout rule is a guideline for performing a workout that involves 12 exercises, each performed for 3 sets of 30 seconds each. This can be an effective way to get a full-body workout in a short amount of time.

Is Daily 1 hour workout enough?

A daily one-hour workout can be enough for some people, depending on their fitness goals and level of activity. However, it is important to listen to your body and make adjustments as needed.

Is it OK to do a 20 minute workout everyday?

A 20-minute workout can be an effective way to fit exercise into a busy schedule, and doing it every day can help you maintain a consistent fitness routine.

Is it OK to do a 10-minute workout everyday?

A 10-minute workout can also be effective for maintaining fitness, especially if it is done regularly. However, it may not be enough for everyone to achieve their fitness goals.

Is 3am good for workout?

Whether 3am is a good time for a workout depends on your individual preferences and schedule. Some people may find it difficult to exercise at this time, while others may find it to be a convenient time to fit in a workout.

Is 1 hour and 30 minutes of exercise good?

One hour and 30 minutes of exercise can be a good amount for some people, especially if it includes a combination of cardiovascular and strength-training exercises. However, it is important to consider individual factors such as fitness level and goals, and to make adjustments as needed.

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